GOIP Group was established in year 2008 and is a leading global ICT service provider

GOIP Group established in 2008, is a leading ICT and Managed Service Provider in Greater China & Asia Pacific Region offering SD-Wan, Global Networking ( including MPLS VPN/SD-WAN and IP Transit service Portfolios), Dedicated internet access, Colocation, Cloud service and solution (Cloud Direct Connect & Private Cloud Solution), Cloud Management Platform and One-Stop ICT service, with provisioning capability in many cities In Greater China and Asia Pacific Region.

The Group provides innovative, professional and reliable services to help corporations in the Greater China region to enhance their productivity and profitability by taking advantage of top-quality IP networking services and solutions. GOIP serves more than 300 cities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Worldwide.

GOIP helps deliver customer’s mission-critical applications at Quality-of-Service (QoS) levels and provides high-performance traffic-management capabilities guaranteed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements(SLAs), allowing reliable content hosting and protection from traffic surges during
peak traffic hours and changes in Internet performance.

Today GOIP Group had more than 1000 satisfied loyal clients. GOIP vision to provide clients with innovative and comprehensive ICT solutions to clients to achieve their business objectives.

Chairman's Message

The intelligent use of technology is of immense importance to today’s business. The ever increasing advancement of technology allows an enterprise to store more information, in smaller packages, than ever before. It enables instantaneous access to information anywhere, anytime, by any one, including multiple tiers of vendors, and customers. This continuing revolution is creating the where withal to open great opportunities to companies with foresight, to react faster to customers’ needs, and open new areas of business.

My vision is to transform our company into the company of choice with our customers in the regions of Greater China and Asia, in the areas of innovative technologies and business solutions; where knowledge management is the foundation of growth and the staff are shareholders in the profit of the company. 

We intend to be a company whose staff is so motivated, they wake up in the night with bright ideas to increase company outlook and jump out of their beds every morning to take an eager start to their day.

I dream of us being the magnet to world class technology giants seeking partnership and a corporate relationship with us in a win-win scenario. Borrowing a quote from Aristotle: “All men by nature desire knowledge”. It is knowledge that also spurs us to achieve greater heights. We invest heavily in our R&D activities, broaden our technology portfolio, and in addition to our regular BDM activities, cover our operational territories in Knowledge Management, ICT, and Web application.

Our major investment is our people. They are the most precious assets of our company. I like to see ICT Global as a company that is preferred by the people, to join and work with (I mean “with” not “for”), a fun place we all enjoy, and a successful organization where our people achieve their careers growth and are further strengthened.

Another important element of my vision is to make our company a “company-of-choice” for our esteemed customers. We value our customers’ needs and will go the extra mile and work shoulder-to-shoulder with them as ONE team. We help our customers achieve their long-term objectives through INNOVATION in Solutions, PERFECTION in Technology, and KNOWLEDGE in Strategy. No wonder our slogan is work WITH and not FOR customers through Knowledge, Innovation, and Perfection. We believe in Knowledge Gain throughout Life.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our customers, our partners, our employees, management and the board for their continued excellence and contributions. I also wish to thank our long term investors and research analysts for their continued support and confidence in ICT Global.

Best Wishes,

CY Leung, Patrick
Group Chairman

Our History

  • GOIP company and office was set up


  • Operation began in Hong Kong, as GOIP Unified Communications solution and Call Centre solution provider.


  • Branch office in Guangzhou is set up.
  • Network infrastructure is built in the Greater China region, and GOIP became an ICT service provider in Greater China.


  • Technical staff and sales team members held professional certifications awarded by Cisco.
  • Provided a full range of VPN services in China such as IPSec , OpenVPN and the first generation product of “TurboNet” launched in the market.


  • Branch office in Zhuhai is set up.
  • Shenzhen PoP was set up.


  • Branch office in Dongguan was set up.
  • Developed and launched e-learning platform-Moodle in the China market.


  • Branch office in Shenzhen and Macau are set up.
  • Shenzhen PoP increased the capacity from STM1 to 1G between Shenzhen to Hong Kong.
  • Guangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai PoP were set up.


  • Branch office in Suzhou was set up.
    Taiwan operation startup. Beijing ,
  • Taipei and US PoP were set up.
  • Joint Venture company, CN Care Group, obtained ISP and IP VPN license.


  • Branch office in Shanghai was set up.
  • Singapore operation startup.
  • Dongguan and Singapore POP are set up.
  • Launched full range IDC service and solution at Hong Kong , which JV with
  • APT Satellite company.
  • Launched GOIP Portal and SD Wan service in China.


  • Collaboration with more than 1000 partners and service agency
  • Service coverage had covered 90% commercial cities in China


  • Pops in Tokyo, Silicon Valley & Frankfurt were set up.
  • Launch Cloud Direct Connect & Cloud Management Platform services.


  • Branch Office in Singapore was set up.
  • Associate company-CN Care Cyber Cloud Ltd set up JV company CN Care Tesuch Unionet Ltd in Hong Kong.


  • Seoul, Manila, Hanoi and Phnom Penh Pops were set up.
  • SDN network was launched total build up 15 X SDN and SD Wan PoPs.
  • Malaysia operation startup.
  • Branch office in Kuala Lumpur were set up.
  • Obtained ASP License in Malaysia.


  • Branch Office in Taipei were set up
  • Obtained SBO license in Singapore
  • Obtained Section214 FCC license in United States.
  • Awarded "2021 The Best New Market Entrant" by Carrier Community.
  • Awarded the 2021 Supreme SD-WAN Solution Award in the PC3 2021 Supreme Brand.


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