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SD-WAN 101: What is SD-WAN and
Why Enterprises are switching to SD-WAN

Introducing you the easier way to control your network traffic by software on a standard server and much more benefits for your enterprises.

Case Study:
SD-WAN & Healthcare Wellness Industry

A successful case study where GOIP Group managed to help a wellness company to overcome network congestion and latency problem through SD-WAN.

SD-WAN Security: 
Is SD-WAN secure for my business?

This article will be answering the most frequently ask myth: Is SD-WAN not secure for my business and a full Comparison of Security Features provide by different SD-WAN Providers. 

What SD-WAN does for
Latency, Packet Loss and Jitter

Article discussed about the difference between latency, packet loss and jitter as well as how SD-WAN vary them case-by-case and choosing the best path to ensure efficiency.

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亞太區跨境網絡鏈接 - SD-WAN 10M帶寬- HKD4000起 SD-WAN 解決方案,一個價錢解決你嘅網絡跨境煩惱 ,9個地區任您選
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