Singapore to China Gateway: China Direct Internet Access

GOIP helps your business remain competitive in the digital era. With our host of innovative, customizable solutions, you can grow your business in the Greater China while keeping it connected and mobile through an ultimately private, secure network that you can rely on.

What is china Direct Internet Access?

Shared internet connections like broadband service and Wi-Fi  have been popular for connectivity purposes in all regions worldwide. However, they may not be suitable for your organization if you require constant connectivity to access your business in remote or difficult locations such as in Greater China. Due to its bandwidth sharing concept, your business will most likely experience slower download and upload speeds and high downtime during peak times of the day.

In contrast, China Dedicated internet access (DIA) is a private connection between your business and the web in Greater China. In short, your business never has to share bandwidth with other users, and you can enjoy guaranteed upload and download speeds to access your business in Greater China at any time, any day. You get a rock-solid Internet performance with consistent upload and download speeds throughout the day to support your mission-critical business operations. GOIP offers scalable bandwidth options to meet your business needs. When your business has a China DIA, you will rarely experience downtime when surfing your business websites in Greater China!

How does china dIA work?

How China Dedicated Internet Access Works

Why singapore enterprises should Deploy china dIA

What makes China DIA essential for your business

100% Private Connection

We help Singapore enterprises to access their offices in Greater China via a private line that is not shared with other internet users.

100% China Route

With our Hong Kong IP address, Singapore enterprises are able to achieve stable connectivity to the Greater China with zero latency.

100% Access to High-bandwidth Apps

We provide ultimate convenience for Singapore enterprises that wish to have business collaborations in the Greater China via Zoom, Teams, etc.

Top Benefits of China DIA for
Singapore Enterprises

How China DIA helps streamline and grow your business in Mainland China

Zero-Trouble Access

Luxuriate in a private line dedicated for your business only

Extensive Coverage in Greater China

Enjoy a stable connectivity with our 200+ presence in Greater China

Guaranteed Reliability

With our SLA, we are 100% committed to provide the best service as agreed

Scalable Plans

Our DIA bandwidths are easy to upgrade, ranging between 2M and 10GBPS

24/7 Monitoring

We serve excellent network troubleshooting within a short period of time

Expansion of Growth Opportunities

Expand your business and discover new opportunities easily in Greater China

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China DIA is the Right Choice for
Your Business

#1 If your business operations rely heavily on the China Internet

You can expect fewer occurrences of slow, constant buffering and lagging Internet speeds that would normally interrupt online communications. Instead, you can now enjoy good Internet quality for online calls, emails, web browsing, and heavy data transferring.

#2 If your business requires a secure, stable, and reliable connection for guaranteed data transfer via the Internet

You get a dedicated physical line on your business premises and do not need to share the bandwidth with other subscribers. In the event of any issues, you will be backed up by round-the-clock customer support.

#3 If your business is fast-growing and requires the flexibility to scale as well as customize

Your business will always be able to upgrade its plan as it expands. You will only pay for what you use, making it more cost-effective than standard broadband plans that have fixed plans and prices.

See What Our Singapore Customers Have To Say

"As a Singapore-based retail company with multiple presence in Mainland China, the communication between our branches has improved a lot thanks to GOIP. "

Lucas Tan, IT Director

Retail Company, 10000+ employees

"The process of supply chain data traversing between our servers in Singapore and servers in China has is very smooth, and we experience no jitters at all."

Desmond Tee, CIO

Logistics Company, 5000+ employees

"There has been barely any network downtime, allowing my staff to focus on our main projects and businesses in Mainland China."

Arina Abdullah, CEO

Manufacturing Company, 700+ employees

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Don't forget, you get access to all these benefits:

Guaranteed bandwidth

Service level agreement

Customized solution

FAQs about Singapore-China DIA

How does the Internet In China work locally and Internationally?

There are three internet providers in China – China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile – all of which are government-owned and controlled. These ISPs also provide local and international internet connections for business use.

Is Dedicated Internet faster than Shared Internet?

A major advantage of having a dedicated business internet connection is the increased reliability and faster connectivity speeds.

How is the Internet connected to China?

International internet is routed to China via Japan, Taiwan, and sometimes Hong Kong.

What is the difference between DIA and broadband?

DIA services are just what they say — dedicated. The fiber (or copper) connection is dedicated to the customer. The actual downstream and upstream bandwidth between the customer premises and the Internet is fully guaranteed. Broadband Internet access is your DSL, or cable or fiber connection.

What is the difference between Dedicated Internet and Shared Internet?

A shared internet connection means that all bandwidth is split among all users and devices. A dedicated internet connection is a connection that is dedicated to one user. Simple. There is no sharing bandwidth among users and devices; each user has their own portion of bandwidth dedicated solely to themselves.

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