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SaaS Optimization

Everyone knows that SaaS is here to stay, and the transformative enterprises are leading the charge in moving to and creating the cloud-first environments as to deliver the best user experiences and most profitable businesses. Software as a Service has changed the way people utilize software and had dramatically increased the amount of software used in day-to-day work. However due to the increment usage of SaaS Application, there is much more requirements for SaaS optimization to drive a better, more holistic SaaS experience.

SaaS Optimization here refers to improving SaaS application performance as your business and mobile users tries to hop on and access the application from different location. Some examples are just like accessing an e-commerce site, SaaS conference calls, and other SaaS application usage where slow performance can disrupt the experience and frustrate the users. GOIP SaaS optimization service measure the data loss, latency and the SaaS performance from users’ location to different services in the cloud desired by the user. Thus GOIP SaaS optimization helps to optimize and accelerate SaaS application access, from any location to the destinated SaaS application. SaaS Optimization on the other hand, improves the quality and performance of the SaaS Platform or Application, increasing productivity and efficiency in working. SaaS Optimization optimized a non-exhaustive list of SaaS application and platforms such as CRM, ERP, Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Team and many more.


GOIP SaaS Optimization service is build for today’s dynamic workforce to ensure consistent performance and stable accessibility of leading SaaS applications for anyone, anywhere, regardless of distance. GOIP SaaS Optimization offers end-to-end acceleration and performance measurement of leading enterprise SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more. Our SaaS Optimization optimize SaaS application usage across Mainland China and worldwide allows businesses to reach out to their SaaS application wherever they are.

The growth of mobile workforce around the world, SaaS Optimization plays an important role with global workforces that need to remain always-on the use of SaaS application. Hence, it is increasingly hard to predict each user’s experience of the applications they use to stay productive. This cloud-based, fully managed service accelerates SaaS application performance by overcoming network inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and the unpredictable user-experiences of today’s mobile workforce.

What SaaS Optimisation Can Do For Your Business

List of SaaS Applications we can Optimise & Accelerate:

When Saas Optimisation
is Suitable for Your

List of SaaS Applications we can Optimise and Accelerate:

Function of SaaS Optimisation

A SaaS Optimization router will be installed at the customer site. In which, our router comes with the Artificial Intelligence Separator, where it is achieving an average of 95% accuracy with IP separation and detection. This innovation allows IP address to be redirected more efficiently and diverted to the best relevant route in order to enhance the performance as well as to accelerate and optimize the SaaS application, thus accelerating and improving  user experience whilst using the SaaS applications anywhere at anytime.

Saas Optimisation SD-Wan

Both solutions are independent. It can be provided to customer either as a separate or a combination of the solution according to the customers’ requirements. Provided if the solution is a combination of both SaaS Optimization and SD-Wan, an SD-WAN device and router will be provided and used for both SD-Wan and SaaS Optimization purpose and solution.

Common problem

Multi-national companies (MNC) in China that uses Microsoft O365, Google Drive will usually have no or poor connection due to China’s Great Firewall.

With SaaS-optimization

With our low latency, stable backbone, we’re able to provide a SaaS optimization solution to these companies to overcome their connectivity issues. Allowing the users in MNC branches in China to access these resources (Microsoft 365, Teams, Google, etc.)

Use Case:
Chemical Industrial Factories- SaaS Optimization

Customer Case:
SD-WAN SaaS optimization for a logistics company in Shanghai

Customer Request
The customer has 20 offices in China, headquartered in Shanghai, and needs to accelerate the O365 business of each node, shunt traffic, access domestic business from the CN Internet, and accelerate overseas network for overseas business

Customer Case:
SD-WAN SaaS optimization for a food manufacturer in Beijing

Customer Request

  1. Realize the acceleration of O365 business in Beijing office, traffic diversion(200M DIA & 200M MSTP), CN business access to CN Internet(200M DIA), and overseas business access by accelerate overseas network

  2. Through the point-to-point local private line (200M MSTP) to connect to the Internet network of the remote data center to realize the local 200M DIA Internet backup of the Beijing office

Customer Case:
SD-WAN networking & SaaS optimization of an international inspection group in Guangzhou

Customer Request

  1. The customer has 24 offices in China and is headquartered in Guangzhou. It needs to accelerate the O365 business of each node and distribute the traffic. The CN business is accessed from the CN Internet, and the overseas business accelerates by the SDWAN Backbone overseas network.

  2. Realize the networking between each node and HK IDC, and ensure the interconnection of each node and HK IDC network

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