The software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN or SDWAN) is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections, which are used to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centers – over large geographic distances.

The America IDC (International Data Corporation) predicted that the SD-WAN sales would hit up to eight billion US Dollar sales in the year 2021. As more people are shifting towards clouds, more realizes the importance of cloud computing network, and SD-WAN might quickly replace the traditional WAN Network.

As the trend of cloud increases, enterprise customers are demanding more flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies, rather than installing proprietary or specialized WAN technology that often involves expensive fixed circuits, or proprietary hardware.

The main goal of SD-WAN (SDWAN) technology is to deliver a business-class, secure, and simple cloud-enabled WAN connection with as much open and software-based technology as possible. This can be used to deliver basic WAN connectivity, or it can be used for premium business services such as VPN, WAN optimization, and applications delivery control (ADC).

Expect the trend to accelerate over the next few years. What started as a solution for branch-office and data-center WAN connectivity requiring less proprietary equipment appears to be expanding into a wide range of SD-WAN (SDWAN) offerings and technologies including VPN, security, WAN optimization, NaaS, and application policy control.
Source by: SDXCentral