Modern VPN Solutions at China International Industry Fair (CIIF)

GOIP Shanghai AULA spreads the word about modern VPN-solutions at Information and Communication Technologies Exhibition

Every year, the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) gathers hundreds of world leading companies from different fields to introduce their latest products and services to ordinary customers and other businesses. The event lasts for five days and is divided into a few exhibitions.

The Shanghai and Suzhou teams of GOIP AULA were proud of to be a part of the Information and Communication Technologies sector and to present VPN-solutions to local and international visitors and exhibitors.

The vast majority of companies and entrepreneurs consider an access to overseas websites as one of the fundamental problems to make better business in China, thereby audiences coming to the Fair expressed strong interest in characteristics of our products and services.

To be remarkable out of 2,000 exhibitors, each company should use a creative approach to attract attendees to its booth. GOIP AULA stands out well among others by taking pictures of visitors with social media frames.

The VPN market is full of competitors, however almost all of them aren’t legally certified in China. CIIF, as a benchmark of all active IT-companies in Eastern Asia, showed the lack of big licensed companies in this sector. GOIP AULA was the sole exhibitor who guarantees not only quality but also the stability and security of internet connection.

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