GOIP GROUP 榮獲 2021 至尊 SD-WAN 方案獎項

GOIP GROUP is honored to be awarded the 2021 Supreme SD-WAN Solution Award in the PC3 2021 Supreme Brand! SD-WAN solution is a network management and orchestration technology that helps enterprises comprehensively monitor and elasticize the network 24/7 so that they can enhance their network control. In addition, GOIP’s extensive backbone network helps to improve the network connection between Greater China and overseas, while allowing clients to keep in touch with China or overseas customers anytime, anywhere! GOIP’s advanced network management center provides proactive network equipment failure prompts and a customer service platform that supports multiple languages. Carrying out our aim of focusing on quality, GOIP ensures that customers can enjoy a safer and more stable cross-border network connection, so that customers can better focus on their business operations!

GOIP GROUP很榮幸能在 PC3 2021至尊品牌榮獲2021至尊SD-WAN方案獎項! SD-WAN解決方案是一種網絡管理和編排技術,可以幫助企業24/7的全面監測和彈化網絡,以便可以增強對企業的網絡控制!除此之外,GOIP的廣泛骨干網絡幫您做好大中華區和海外的網絡連接,一邊能讓您和中國或海外客戶隨時隨地保持聯系!GOIP的先進網絡管理中心提供主動式網絡設備故障提示,以及可支援多種語言的客戶服務平台。貫徹我們著重品質的宗旨,GOIP確保客戶可以享受更安全,耿穩定的跨境網絡連接,讓客戶可以放心專注業務營運!

GOIP GROUP General Manager – Gary Chow
GOIP GROUP 總經理 – 周志豪


GOIP GROUP has been established for 12 years and has been committed to providing the most optimized network solutions to bring customers the best network experience. We have expanded our network to countries like Greater China, Asia, Europe and the United States. Furthermore, GOIP and the team also strived to use our utmost sincerity to provide better, more stable, and more cost-effective SD-WAN network services in order to show our appreciation to our potential customers and partners in the near future.

GOIP GROUP 成立有 12 年之久,一直致力提供最優化的網絡解決方案,為客戶帶來最佳網絡體驗。成立至今,我們已將網絡擴展至中國、亞洲及歐美等地。未來,我們亦會用最大誠意,提供更優質、更穩定、更高性價比的 SD-WAN 網絡服務,回饋廣大客戶。


The epidemic has affected many businesses, making the centralized operation of the network architecture and the flexibility of expansion become important. As a well-known industry-leading ICT service provider, GOIP GROUP has launched the industry’s first tunnelless SD-WAN solution, allowing customers to enjoy cost-effective and efficient network services. GOIP GROUP’s technology can help improve application performance, reduce bandwidth usage cost by 30-50%, and also to reduce cloud usage and service costs accordingly. Moreover, the solution provides a one-stop management platform, which simplifies the management of IT personnel and greatly saves related costs.

疫情影響企業營運模式,令網絡架構的分散式作業和具擴充彈性變得重要。著名行業領先 ICT 服務供應商 GOIP GROUP,推出業界首個無隧道 SD-WAN方案,讓客戶享用高性價比兼高效的網絡服務。GOIP GROUP 的技術有助提高應用程式性能,減少 30 – 50% 頻寬使用量,相應降低雲端使用及服務費用。況且,該方案提供一站式管理平台,簡化 IT 人員管理作業,大大節省相關成本。


GOIP SD-WAN solution uses specific SD-WAN technology to provide Zero Trust Security, by having certain verification processes and also not trusting any entity outside the network. Unless the individual identity is verified, no one is allowed to log in to the system. This helps to guarantee the security of network data transmission in all aspects.

GOIP SD-WAN方案採用了特定的 SD-WAN 技術,提供零信任保安 (Zero Trust Security),並做到【必須驗證】以及【不信任網絡以外的任何實體】。除非明確了解接入者的身份,否則任何人都無法登入系統,全方位保障網絡數據傳遞安全。


The network architecture of traditional enterprises is generally based on data centers, which not only increases bandwidth load and costs, but it also affects remote access performance, and unstable network connections might have serious security vulnerabilities. GOIP SD-WAN solution can best cooperate with the GOIP international backbone network for networking, thereby can effectively replace traditional MPLS services. Since this solution does not need to rely on the Internet, it uses GOIP’s international backbone network to cooperate with different local Internet services, bringing the entire network structure to the level of international dedicated lines, providing a fast and stable network in all aspects.

傳統企業的網絡架構,一般以數據中心為主,不但加重頻寬負荷及增加成本,更影響遠端存取效能,甚至出現網絡連線不穩,嚴重可致安全漏洞。這款 SD-WAN 方案最可以配合 GOIP 國際骨幹網絡進行組網,從而更有效取替傳統MPLS服務。由於該方案無需依賴國際互聯網,而是經由 GOIP 的國際骨幹網路配合當地不同互聯網服務,將整個網絡結構達致國際專線水平,全方位提供既快速又穩定的網絡。

All in all, GOIP GROUP has always adhered to the concept of “Enabling all companies to perform better” and has launched SD-WAN solutions suitable for all walks of life, tailoring the most ideal solutions for different companies. Relying on the continuous development of cost-effective and highly stable network connections, we are committed to creating sustainable services for customers to improve the quality of the network connection environment and grow together with customers while assisting enterprises to keep pace with the times so that customers can better focus on their business operations! Always More, Always For Your Business

總而言之,GOIP GROUP一直秉持「GOIP 讓所有企業都能表現更好」的理念,推出適用於各行各業的 SD-WAN 方案,為不同企業貼身訂造最理想方案。憑藉不斷發展高性價比及高穩定性的跨境網絡,致力為客戶打造可持續性服務,以提升網絡連接環境質素與客戶共同成長,協助企業與時並進,讓客戶可以放心專注業務營運!

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