GOIP AULA introduces latest IT trends to Shanghai business community

GOIP AULA introduces latest IT trends to Shanghai business community

27 October 2016
How many of you are wondering what can I do to optimize my business performance in China? What IT-solutions or innovations will help me to meet company targets and to win competition in the market? GOIP AULA and INS Global Consulting hosted an “Is your business China-ready?” event this Tuesday to answer all of these questions that the business community in China cares about.


“Do you believe that all VPN providers in China can be blocked?” – Alain Joyal, Sales and Marketing Director of GOIP AULA in the East China Region, questioned the audience. “They can, but they won’t do that. Otherwise, it will strangle all operations of firms in China,” – Alain continues. Afterwards, the speaker explains the necessity of this IT-solution within Chinese business reality and what the advantages are in possessing a licensed VPN provider and staying in legal framework.


The aim of GOIP AULA isn’t only to arrange high-quality services to our customers but also to raise awareness about latest IT-trends and solutions in Greater China. The event enabled representatives from nearly 40 companies and organizations, including the Canadian and German Chambers of Commerce, to access unique, up-to-date IT-information from professional experts.


The GOIP AULA Shanghai Team thanks everyone again for coming to our event and expresses special gratitude to our co-host, INS Global Consulting and also to XpatsTravel and Fields China who were the sponsors for the lucky draw. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening with us. Be sure to follow our WeChat, Linkedin and Facebook pages to know more about the latest IT-trends and events we organize.