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Work from home is the norm in 2020. The outbreak of COVID-19 also known as the Coronavirus had led to a tough starting of the year 2020. The outbreak from Wuhan, Hubei has resulted in a punch to Asia’s economy of all industries and businesses. This comes with the first action of the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China to close down the city of Wuhan, Hubei, and later other places within China with strict controls and restrictions of its’ peoples’ movement, as quick action and solution to control the outspread of the virus.

The movement controls went on further with international countries’ travel bans, quarantine, and restrictions when several countries started to have cases of virus-infected with increasing numbers. These situations led to many uncertainties and delays as well as cancellation of events, conferences, meetings, and etcetera. Where many commercial activities had slowed down during this period of time.

Thus, peoples in affected countries reduce their traveling, and businesses, as well as schools, started to operate from homes. The development of technology in this digital era has led to a huge leap and improvement to the world in facing Business Continuity Solutions during disastrous periods such as this. It is obvious that as a comparison to the SARs outbreak during 2003 which was 17 years ago, business continuity solutions today had become more and more convenient, flexible, and remote. In which, the circumstances that the development of mobile devices and telecommunications had led to many conveniences to enable individuals to work remotely anywhere at any time just by connecting to an internet network.

The development of clouds and SaaS helps to share documents and information much instantly where you can grab your desired information and shared it within your team at any time. These developments of communication software and platforms also make meeting conferences easier and adaptable where everyone could still enjoy conference meetings or call at any time under the presence of a good internet network environment. 

Businesses and schools in affected countries such as Mainland China and Hong Kong had started to practice remote working and studying from home or at any part of the world in order to keep businesses and learning in progress. This signifies that the world is much more ready today and will have a better improving business continuity solutions in whichever situation to cope with in the coming future. 

GOIP Aula Ltd headquartered in Hong Kong as an ICT, SD-Wan, and Managed Service Provider serves a wide spectrum of one-stop-shop ICT and Managed services solutions in Hong Kong, China Mainland, and Worldwide. GOIP operates as your business gateway to China and pathway to the world. In this critical time, GOIP offers 2 months of Free services of 3 solutions namely; SD-Wan, Go Conference Call as well as Global Mobility Connect to help Small Medium Enterprises to work remotely from home. Overcoming internet and communication barriers to get reached to the team and resources as well as in helping to reduce their heavy operation cost whilst keeping their business operated. 

The SD-Wan services which are 8Square Intelligent Smart-Wan by GOIP helps clients to connect from one point to another in Mainland China and worldwide. The service also helped optimized SaaS platforms within China Mainland such as Salesforce, AWS. Google Drive, Office365, ERP, and many more, with simple and zero-touch provisioning deployment. GOIP in these services, therefore, provides two months free for two points of connectivity to help direct connectivity to internal resources as well as mobile and branch office connectivity.

GOIP’s Go Conference Call on the other hand has 5 channels available for free for you and your peers to talk and communicate smoothly during your meeting discussions. Temporarily only Hong Kong and China Mainland are available for this service. We hope with this we can help Small Medium Enterprises in both Hong Kong and China Mainland to a stable inter and cross communication at this very critical time where movements are restricted.

Lastly, the service of Global Mobility Connect is a connectivity service for China Mainland to Global Connectivity Access where it bridges connectivity worldwide. You can get access and browse your desired websites globally at a stable and quicker speed through any of your mobile devices such as mobile phones, I-Pad, laptops, and more. It had both the enterprise router-based service as well as account-based service for your selection. 

In conclusion, GOIP goes through these critical times hand in hand with your business. If you are interested in the above FREE SERVICES feel free to contact us immediately and we will get you connected and attended as soon as possible with our representatives to get you connected with our service within just a few hours.