“Gateway to China, Pathway to the world” Shanghai Conference

“Gateway to China, Pathway to the world” Shanghai Conference

Of which importance are global internet connectivity, cyber security and cloud solutions for growing companies nowadays? Might this even be one key to compete in the fast growing market of today’s world? In order to give answers and to provide solutions, GOIP China (CN Care Cyber Cloud Ltd)  together with IBM & JW Associates proudly organized the spotlight event with AmCham Shanghai on 31st of May, 2017 at Portman Shanghai, Ritz Carlton, under the slogan “Gateway to China, Pathway to the world”.
Kim Xu opened the event with her speech, followed by IBM colleague Xu Chun Jiang, Alain Joyal from GOIP China and Maxime Oliva from JW & Associate.

Kim Xu, Chief Digital Officer and Vice President of IBM Greater China Group, gave us an introduction of IBM’s Emergence into the field of Cognitive Solutions.

Xu Chun Jiang, Technical Sales Manager at IBM, went on with a description of IBM SoftLayer platform, a huge public server including e.g. storage, security and networking services. Together with its competitiveness of stability and simple design; IBM SoftLayer supports businesses with going international.

Furthermore, Alain Joyal, Vice President of Corporate Communication at GOIP, gave an overview about the company. With the global infrastructure of their cyber cloud reaching from Moscow and Los Angeles up to Germany, the data services provided by GOIP China, such as data protection and global internet access, are suitable for companies all over the world.

The last presentation of the day focused on the importance of cyber security. Maxime Oliva, Chief Strategy Officer at JW & Associates, pointed out the backlog of China compared to other countries in this point, trying to create more awareness of this topic especially among employees.

GOIP China and Strategic Partners works together to create a new direction in the world of Cloud .
Name from the left regardless of orders:

  1. Chen Hong Mei- IBM-International Business Machines Digital Business, Division Greater China Marketing Director
  2. Maxime Oliva- JW & ASSOCIATES- Chief Strategy Officer
  3. Alain Joyal – GOIP Group- Vice President,Corporate Communication
  4. Kim Xu -IBM-Chief Digital Officer & Vice President of Digital Sales
  5. Echo Zhou- JW & Associates -CEO & Co Founder
  6. Joey Wong -GOIP China-Director,Business Development
  7. Zhang Xiang Ting-Ants Empire-Co Founder
  8. Patrick Leung C.Y -GOIP Group-Founder & Chairman
  9. David Chen- IBM-Global Market Commercial Leader Director
  10. Sharon Zhang- IBM-Service Leader
  11. Li Miao- Ants Empire-General Manager
  12. Ling Li- Ants Empire-Partner

To sum up, it can be said that the event was a fully success. Outside the speaking time, there was a lively atmosphere and the wide all guests exchanged great business ideas. The event also presented business people of the IT sector a greater chance of connecting each other with recent technology trends.