Cyber security seminar with GOIP and Maxime Oliva

Cybersecurity Seminar Shanghai with GOIP and Maxime Oliva

During this period in which there is a lot of discussion about the new cybersecurity law, the Shanghai GOIP office invited Maxime Oliva, an expert in cybersecurity from France, to share his knowledge with GOIP on the new cybersecurity law.

The GOIP Suzhou and Shanghai employees were informed on how the new cybersecurity law is affecting current business operations in different sectors.

Prior to talk about how the Chinese market would be affected, Maxime explained how the European and American cyber law work.
China has an enormous amount of IT-related companies but cyberspace is at high risk because there are not enough regulations and protections. Therefore, the Chinese government will enact a new law to reduce the risk that Chinese citizens and companies are facing.

The new cybersecurity law of China will consist of 5 important parts, which are:


The intellectual property rights of the network will be protected.


The companies are obligated to store personal information and business data inside China.

3.IT data

Full cyber investigation and justification will be carried out to protect IT data.

4.User rights

The information of users should not be provided to third parties. The privacy of users will also be protected.


The new cybersecurity law will strictly be enforced by the government.

As a trustable and well-established company, GOIP will comply with the law and protect our customers in China.
The GOIP family is eager to learn more about cyber security and the how the new law influence our daily business operations. Hence, GOIP will constantly be updated with workshops and trainings. We will share with clients including business partners to strengthen our core value.

Thank you all for attending!