SPRING INTERCHAMBER 2017 in Shenzhen China

It was the Spring Interchamber 2017 where it was hosted with the collaboration of Italian Chamber of Commerce, Bencham, British Chamber of Commerce, German Chamber of Commerce, France Chamber of Commerce and Aust Cham in the Intercontinental Hotel in OCT Shenzhen on the 30th of March 2017.

We are honor to attend the event as a member of the German Chamber of Commerce. It was a great opportunity for a cross over and to know people from the other chamber of commerce. It was a really fruitful night for all that attended the event.

It was another good occasion for GOIP AULA Ltd and thankful to our existing clients recommending our services to others in the event. We are all glad to meet all of you in the event.
Once again we would like to express our appreciation to the sponsors for the Lucky Draw gift.