American Chamber of Commerce appreciates role of GOIP AULA in Shanghai business development

American Chamber of Commerce appreciates the role of GOIP AULA in Shanghai business development

Two leading economic powers, the USA and China used to be considered as counter-parts in the world of business. However, competition usually hinders the process of economic development and slowdowns business integration. Thereby, both countries welcome international companies and investors, trying to benefit the health of the world economic environment.


The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in China is one of the non-governmental organizations that facilitates the lives of the US and international companies within Chinese business reality. GOIP AULA, an active member of AmCham, not only profits from the membership but also contributes greatly to the development of the American business community in Shanghai. For instance, in September, GOIP was the official VPN-provider for the first US Presidential debate. All visitors from American companies witnessed high-quality, live internet connections at this event.


On November 10, AmCham decided to address the commitment of international companies to the business development in Shanghai and invited all members, including GOIP AULA, to their 15th Annual Appreciation Dinner.


The U.S. Ambassador to China Honorable Max Baucus, U.S. Consul General in Shanghai Hanscom Smith, Vice Secretary of General of Shanghai Sun Jiwei, and nearly 100 Shanghai and provincial government officials attended the dinner.


“George Bush Jr. became very serious and asked me ‘So, what do we do about China?’ And I looked back at him and said ‘We need to respect China. We are a country and they are a country. We deserve respect just as they deserve respect, just as every country deserves respect.’ And he just looked at me without saying anything in response,” – U.S. Ambassador in China Max Baucus says in his speech.


It’s true that China deserves respect no lesser than any other country. Especially, if we are talking about the legal system. GOIP AULA, as a licensed VPN-provider, always remains committed to the confidentiality of the client information and to the local legal regulations.